This might be short

This might not be

But I just want to tell you why Jesus seems like everything to me.

Jesus to me is my whole existence

Before I answer any title or name awarded to me by people , career, position or anything at all

I am first and most of all

A child of God

From a girl who searched for herself so long in the thing she does or accolades she gets from people, a girl whose identity was only validated deeply inside her only whenever someone mentions it or when she is praised or some times when she is spoken to softly in the middle of the night by someone she barely knows his intentions. A girl who has a wall around her called pride which she mistook for high self esteem.

Now to a girl

Who finds joy in being playful like a child.

Who finds joy in shouldering responsibilities as an adult

Who finds love in giving it back to others

Who finds her identity in Peace with God- and that is forevermore

Who finds nothing external but realised her inner beauty in the One who moulded her for a divine purpose.

She doesn’t mind if the work is done in silence

She is created to fellowship with her father and her light will bring many more into this marvelous life.

She ain’t scared of the future

She was created for such a time as this.

I will definitely remember this days and years and give glory that I went through it

My silent moments might be sometimes tiring but am satisfied that He’s always with me. This moments I know makes me for the future I see.

Jesus to me is My Life!

This your little baby is happy you found her.😘😘