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Ello Temi,


We sure had a nice time , you know we did

Not all things are checked off the list😒but still I think you tried

Tried?  Yes a bit

I could have showered you with praises but I think you gave room for excuses than you did with courage.

At the earlier stage,  you gave in so much that I thought you would do so much 😈

How dare you  stop midway?

Amazingly you were picked up everytime you slacked by your favorite counselor  , I wonder why he cares that mush 😒

That was just your saving grace

You are human afterall!! Bloody civilian

But I Am sure about something, you were not the same way I met you- the you my friend (the fifteenth)  talked about.  This you I see now is making me have more hopes that you are ready for the opportunities and challenges the seventeenth my pal  jisted me about.

I love you  a lot but I have to leave in a couple of weeks  , you dealt with me too tho!  I had my fair share too,  wicked Sombori 😭

I have no fears that you  can take on whatever pack my pal the seventeenth unveils when he arrives. Moreover your favorite counselor is always around to give you the solutions to all our mathematics .

I actually fell in love with you😍 , but I have to leave.


The sixteenth.