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images-14For the movie lovers that have seen the flash!!

I got so stalked with keeping up with the episodes and seasons. Who would’ve thought your best fan,  trainer,  mentor and almost your all could just be training and feeding you up just to have you as dinner. That’s incredibly unfortunate because the last time I checked we were not chickens.  Haba!

The truth is this ,so many of us has kept a lot of things and people in our space or inner Circle as I love to call it, that should be long gone. Infact,  history!

The wounds of a faithful friend will hurt you for a while, but it’s healing is so much relief, but you see,  the kisses of an enemy is comfortable and soothing at the moment but it’s wound won’t heal up anytime soon.  Infact,  the way they break a man’s backbone is what I call magical.

Hints :

When you have someone who always have something bad to say about everyone else, take to your heels.

When he or she loves to pick up other people’s story as a major discussion most times you are together,  well she is discussing your story too to the world 😜

When all you do is ever right,  never seems to correct you on anything,  I say that’s wrong company mehn😒

When he or she never encourages you on anything you want to do. Always critically pessimistic all the time.Run for your life my dear

Buh the funniest is,  even some of us fall into this category,  so we might even the enemy giving a deep kiss sef😕

Never hurt a friend with lies just to comfort them.  Even if the situation doesn’t want the bitter truth at the moment, chill for a while and tell it later,  buh never replace it with a lie. images-1

Your inner circle has a lot to do with your progress or downfall.  Be sure of who you want to let in or out