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There is a certain place where every believer gets that indescribable peace of mind no matter how big the present problems or difficulties seem to be obvious.

Sometimes,  am not just that perfect child of Yahweh,  and when am not getting into that particular realm,  I just know.. Erm… No I haven’t touched that hem yet..almost there😎 I say to myself most times.

As I have learned to beat myself overtime for this,  well it hasn’t solved the problem yet.  Mainly,  because I was’nt meant to put the whole burden of worship on me,  I was meant to enjoy the fellowship of the Father.  no stress! Just me and HIM – in spirit and in truth( sincerity)

My point is this , there is a place where

Words can’t describe

Words doesn’t do much

Words isn’t currency

Words doesn’t flow

Words can express the moments.


A place of worship.  You see my friends, here

Truth is the key

Sincerity is the push

Holiness is the  ground

God given righteousness is the house

Your heart is the door

Jesus is the landlord

You don’t do much here,  you just obey much

You see when we get to that place,  nothing else matters,  you feel unimportantly important,  you feel lostlyfound, you feel Erm.. Well words doesn’t really do much here

A sense of awe of the almighty is what every believer should experience daily.

The truth is,  it will be quite obvious to you and God throughout the day how your day will look so differently awesome.

You will have joy unspeakable, peace indescribable, happiness with no bounds

A place of sincere worship

Well,  I can’t do without you Jesus, and it’s quite obviously obvious.

Ignore my choice of English,  it is glaringly glaring that I don’t care about my words this day😋😎