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What if tolu had said something more polite the other night? img_20160407_235303

That awesome friendship that has been on for years will never had hit the rock Like that. 

Truthfully,  especially someone like me has regrets on some conversations have had in the past , that I said something hurtful so the person also get to have a dose of my pain at the moment . I no wan carry last Fa!! 

Sometimes , we throw away something so precious just because we don’t want to feel cheated or we don’t want to feel like the weakest link.

Relationships aren’t games and we shouldn’t act like players cos there is no trophy to be won. ¬†Every thing we search for in life (Education, wealth, ¬†status, ¬†dignity etc) ¬†only becomes ¬†treasurable when we have people to cheer us up in those moments of appointments and have them feel our sorrows and bring us up in times of disappointment.

This banter of serious hurtful words leaves a greivious mark in the heart of the people we love and cherish

Be swift to listen

Slowwwwww to speak a wise author once wrote.

Next time, ¬†Our pals, ¬†family members , ¬†church members, schoolmates, fellow workers, subjects or even superior has put on the fool garment of anger cos ( anger rests in the bosom of a fool-sounds like the popular banter thoūüėé) Please ¬†walk away!!!

If that banter aren’t increasing the joy or grace of God upon the listener’s life, then its not funny and its not needed.