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The more I felt I could do this alone

The more I failed.

The more I wanted  more for me

My flesh just was still unsatisfied .img_20160618_072954it isn’t bad to want more, is it? After all, garbage in-garbage out. I will have all I want if I could just stay focused.        But still!!!  I need the satisfaction from this flesh of mine. Wretched me😅😥


Hope it just gets better with the years. But it doesn’t .

Oh Peace!!!  Where art thou?  😰

The rich and famous seeks you

The noble calls out for you

The diligent works hard to get you in his abode

The mighty is depressed and powerless without you

The intellects  cant even find you in their study and research

The heart of the poor even yearns for you

You obviously confuse the powerful

In a place of calmness,  you reside.

In the arms of my Lord you stay all day

You give riches to the poor in their heart

You make the weak feel suddenly strong because you are nearby

In fact the foolish starts to command the wisest cos he felt you

I want nothing

I want you


Cos with you I will get to have all things😆

My peace I give not as the world gives


Come on to me ye heavy laden,  and I will give you rest- Jesus Christ

Y’all knows He sticks to his word😎🙌🙌