My very own life I love

Who doesn’t?

My very own desire I crave

Who wouldn’t?

I can love you endlessly

I can serve you till I die

Honestly,  I mean each word


Just lemme stay as I am


Let it be,  I am comfortable here

I call you Lord!!!  than  a hundred times in seven days. I mean it but You said

Come as you are!!!

Don’t change our agreement. Stick to the plan Lord.

I just wanna be as I was and I am

Did I forget to read ?

Come with your burden,  I will take it and give you rest.

All what we hold unto dearly that debar our Christain growth are actually modernised and attractive burdens. Let it go


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    He that will follow me will have deny himself,  take up his cross daily  and follow me. Daily!!! Luke 9:23

A Christian always have to undergo change from time to time as we run towards perfection through Him.

You can’t just remain the same