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War room should be a movie recommended for every family plus church meetings sef.

Being a while that I saw a movie make me give such honour and respect to the role of a woman in her man’s life and her home .

Women’s patience and longsuffering paid off in such a way that every lady that watched that wonderful movie has the full courage to say her marriage will be a success with God being her refuge.

We really don’t have to nag, and trust me ladies ,it ain’t when we get married alone. What do you do when your male friends, boyfriends, fiancée act so annoying at times.Yes they can be annoying.lol

If you nag now as a single lady, forget o, u will still nag when you are married. The training starts now, start fighting in the place of prayer for ya career, present home,future home sef ,start now!!

A ladyneeds wisdom to manage her home, so all dem single ladies like me, do you manage yourself well?

Basic point, the training starts now.

I call you loved and blessed!


images (25)