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This song is soooo on replay…reminds me of God’s love for us. Thanks Morgan


On a Sunday evening I’m looking back over all the years and where I’ve
been. Looking at old photographs, I’m remembering You were right there and You
have been ever since. With every page that turns I see Your faithfulness.

The mountain where I climbed. The Valley where I fell. You were there all
along. That’s the story I’ll tell. You brought the pieces together. Made me this
storyteller. Now I know it is well. It is well. That’s the story I’ll tell.

There were some nights that felt like they would last forever. But You kept me
breathing. You were with me right then. And all that You have done for me, I could
never hold it in. So here’s to me telling this story over and over again.

You hold the broken. You hear my every cry. My eyes are open. I know that it is well. It
is well.

Written by Morgan Harper Nichols and David Mabury.