Have seen a lot of people give up easily on their dreams and passions just to look normal to others. Perhaps to sound like they sound, earn like they earn do and live probably just like every average human being upon the face of the earth.

Deep inside their heart, I can hear the silent frustration that comes from unfulfillment and beatings from the very unsatisfied soul of this fellow.

Heard of a person of recent who just finished studying a course , chilling for Nysc yet he has put in for jamb to pursue his dream course. What , that’s stupid they said, why should he? He should show some little mercy for his parents by just earning a living through the other course.

For me, that’s courage, that a life of determination, that a person with goals , that person won’t give in to mediocrity by just earning to live. It might take time to get there, but sure this journey is worth it.

Life surpasses just getting money out of your profession, but getting a fulfillment from the depth of your heart and helping others fulfill theirs.

I really dunno how many mistakes you ve made , who cares? What matters is how fast you can pick yourself and start off on the journey to your dream land.  I wish you well.