images-1This figures seems not to wait for me, neither will they give you enough time to gather a survival kit for the truck of new good surprises along with its challenges.

We live in a world where her train only give opportunity to those ready at its station and of course with her ticket fully paid for.

Are you ready? For this sixteenth train. What made your trip in the fifteenth train worthwhile or unfulfilled. Are you sure you need them to be in this journey too?  Do you Still want the same driver?  Who are these passengers you going with?  You might not be able to control that,  but are you going with the same set of friends?  You can obviously control that. Are you packed with enough food for the journey? Enough things to keep you going and interested and not frustrated.

I need to answer these  questions too. I wish I had,  I should have, I would have. Stop that!  Get it done. This another opportunity  to meet with your targets. Another opportunity to love and care for the passengers. Another opportunity to have and show strength of character. Most importantly, another opportunity to learn and grow.

  • As for the Bridled Bride. I will stick to my driver,  He did wonderful in the fifteenth train, ermm… He will do more now. His name is Jesus. You could join me in this train, it’s going to be awesome. My friends are still going to be good for this plus I plan to have more including you.
  • Let there be more courage, more forgiveness, more giving, more discipline, more encouraging and kind words to others

Another opportunity for Me. For You.