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There is a picture I have in my memory lane that will never fade, that of my husband. When I get into that realm, you really don’t want to wake me up, really it’s funny.
To be candid, ladies these are those things we think about some times when we are busy or most times when we are less busy. Every girl has a mental picture of her prince charming, and to be truthful we JESUS babes aren’t any different. We want this either tall or short, chubby or slim, tongue speaking or native language speaking praying, fair or dark guys we hope someday we get married to.
There is absolutely nothing wrong about that, because it is not good that man be alone- so says the Lord.
Where we get it wrong is when we try to fix the process ourselves and we aren’t trying to hear God on this matters. To be truthful, sometimes we feel lonely and then we have this urge to get someone who makes us an important part of their world. One thing of notice I want us to know is, we can’t skip some process which have some deep biblical roots and values and sure it isn’t outdated.
• Fall in love with God- Jesus should always be our first love, search for the Lord with all of your heart, accept His hand of friendship, learn His dos and don’ts. This step is the most important

Respect- how can God give us a good man, when we can’t respect those in charge of us which is our parents or guardians. A real lady knows how to respect her parents or guardian just like Esther with Mordecia. If she was disrespectful to him, he would never bring her to the competition. Vashti was dethroned because she didn’t go through that process and she messed up when she got to the position. Don’t skip it

Cooperation with the spirit– I can say that the holy spirit was yet to come in the days of Esther, but she listened carefully to and won the favour of Hegai in charge of them that he gave her the best of treatment
Our Hegai can be likened to the Holy Spirit today, how much do you listen and cooperate with Him on every matters of your life.

Diligent preparations- we should never think we can skip that step of preparations, how can we be given to a king if we behave less of a queen. Esther was thoroughly prepared for a year before she was brought before her king. My dear your king is waiting, submit yourself for a thorough fixing and refining. It will be worth it. ALSO PRAY AND FAST ABOUT IT

Have you seen proverbs 31 vs 10? Do you fall within those verses, do you have such qualities. Be truthful, if not we all need to be worked upon. Get busy with your God given visions, get lost into God, that a man only in God can find you. Stop wasting precious days dating all kind of guys.Have fun and be friendly to all guys. BE true to yourself.


I Know you have got your career to pursue, then do it. Don’t get  into the idea sitting idle and call it waiting. make youself the lady you love to see

Wait and get the necessary treatment and qualities a queen needs, then and there your King will have to find you and treat you like a queen that you are.
Trust me, when he arrives, you will just be like- THANK GOD I WAITED.