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So many times, i really think about how people especially we youth think that our decision is made without any greater influence. Let me let you into this though i know little. These things stated below really makes your decision:

  • CULTURE- Your culture affects the way you think , reacts and interact with people
  • ENVIRONMENT – Your environment and the people around affects your acts and behavior
  • FAMILY AND FRIENDS- Who you spend your time with and roll with determines how far you will go or how low you will sink. Show me your friends and i will tell you what you do best
  • BELIEFS- Your interest and beliefs creates the life you live. To be honest with you, it is either God or the devil. There is no middle place , who you worship in your life determines what you do in life. Even if you say i don’t worship No GOD, you worship what you love the most either you like it or not.

Your decisions are greatly determined by  these things . so my advice, take out your time to see into these things in your life. Some may have caused you grievous mistakes but the good news is there is still time for a change .

My candid advice, create your environment, know what and who to listen to. Know what to absorb and what to rejects, know what you think about. It really determines your decision and your height in life.