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  • I Have Seen Wise Folks Poor….

For some reasons even the most brilliant guys in your college or high school back then didn’t make it like you thought they would

I could tell a few reasons, as av seen and learned. This is applicable to everyone who isn’t satisfied with his or her present status


  • Stop looking for help out there, look within  and search for your real abilities and strengths
  • Work upon this strength, surf the internet, read books abt it and get better at it
  • Get close to those who have achieved success in this line and work with and for them. #Be humble
  • Create the right network and friends deliberately. Those who see far like you do and most times those in your passion line
  • Be active on social media, market your work  and be nice to all .
  • Encourage yourself when the job gets hectic, be diligent , honest and punctual. Hold your integrity and values firm. It musnt drop
  • Know when to say no to people in a polite way when you dont feel in into their idea.

See positive things always and give space for constructive criticism. Be true to yourself

Finally the most important is:

Commit your ways into His hands and He will direct your path. Chow chow!!!lol…c ya