Really going through the history of some our browsers can be surprising for those who forget to delete them.

Surfing the internet is almost the easiest thing for a youth. Of course i am not judging anyone because i was once addicted to pornography even though i got stalked to it when i wasnt saved buh even i got saved to my surprise it didn’t leave cos i left the loopholes unblocked.

Counting my anniversary over this act made me put up this writing for those who are stalked to it and those just coming into it

This is it, pornography steals your time, your thoughts, your morale and pushes you to a dead end of addiction just like a smoker or the weed guys. Dont be fooled by its harmless nature…eg it startsfrom wanting more after watching movies like fifty shades of grey, obscene movies..

Be careful to guard what you see which definately guards your heart. Most def i will still talk more on this. Buh till then..stay safe folks…