OH dear pretty ladies , we often make mistakes of misinterpreting a guy’s care and attention towards us for advances..Sometimes it is true, buh some times it is quite wrong.

He looked ur direction doesnt mean he likes you, he asked you where d rest room is doesnt mean he is into you, he smiles at you when he says hi doesn’t mean he wants to be your love..

It took me time to get this, buh wen i did life was way easier for me. I was able to relate with any guy having no off thoughts on them. The conversation was free and non expectant..How sweet;;-)

Love is to be shared between two people not between you and your imaginations. Guard your heart sweethearts, from there are the issues of life.

When his friendship goes too far, ask politely what he wants so you dont just chase the wind. If you ask me, he isn’t bad because he didn’t ask you out, you were careless with your heart. Friendship is interesting when it is free of expectations. Get busy with your life girlfriends