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Just before you step out, that moment you ran back to the mirror to see if all was alright, if your hair isn’t flying, your make up is in the right, if your shirt was looking good enough to give you a good ND pleasant image…Guys be like…it’s the ladies …definitely not me..Admit it ..you do too..or why is the mirror at GUYS hall..cos you guys feel the need to look good.GOT YOU..

imagine there was no mirror, everyone will go about with their flaws smiling sef…Just as you need to flawless physically, give it a try to live flawless by Jesus grace through His mirror which is the Word of God.. A man dat doesn’t dig up The Word daily will definitely go about with his flaws piling up.. James actually said something that some actually dig up The word but do not make any changes just like a lady seeing her brown powder scattered all ova face and she says..v got no time for dis, wats d need..I don’t think you will not pass by her without laughing 😆 even with our Christian minds..u will still chuckle….dats how d unbelievers make fun of us when we don’t act what we believe in..Stay blessed..Let every man use THE MIRROR AND MAKE AMENDS…D PRINCESS ACTUALLY CARES😊