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To so many or all greatness is a desire.  2014 is almost out ushering in 2015 and so do years Passby till the day each man leaves the earth. If a small child is asked what he wants ,he has a list of them too but why do we have less achievers with great mind blowing visions and dreams.  What I have learnt is this everyone desires success but not everyone knows what it takes and while some know it is just a dream and a head knowledge. Some quick description of a man who knew who he was and live like he should and achieved what he desired. Daniel 1 vs4  explained the qualities of those who could work in the king’s chambers and the one that got my attention was – The men who showed aptitude for every  kind of learning, the well informed, quick to understand and qualified to serve.  If only most of us can be embedded  with the kind of qualities in our chosen field of interest, most definately the sky is our starting point. Daniel was a man of integrity  who denied  himself of the King’s delicious and sumptuous meals, this is definately pointing hands to the fact not every luck or supposed goodies that come our way is our opportunity  to become wealthy.  Do not defile yourself,  I know you will say it doesn’t matter but I think it really does. In the chaptertwo, Daniel showed more courage as he had the knowledge of who he was (child of GOD) and was not moved by the fact that nobody could attempt to tell the King’s dream and refused to die has a coward that never gave a trail.  Sometimes  we are so afraid of mistakes that we don’t get to live out our dreams.  My  sister told me this and it stuck.  The only place you start from the top is the grave.  Then start from somewhere.  Know what God wants for you and go for it. It is 2015 pal.. Quit  talking and start living