A Place Of NO words!



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There is a certain place where every believer gets that indescribable peace of mind no matter how big the present problems or difficulties seem to be obvious.

Sometimes,  am not just that perfect child of Yahweh,  and when am not getting into that particular realm,  I just know.. Erm… No I haven’t touched that hem yet..almost there😎 I say to myself most times.

As I have learned to beat myself overtime for this,  well it hasn’t solved the problem yet.  Mainly,  because I was’nt meant to put the whole burden of worship on me,  I was meant to enjoy the fellowship of the Father.  no stress! Just me and HIM – in spirit and in truth( sincerity)

My point is this , there is a place where

Words can’t describe

Words doesn’t do much

Words isn’t currency

Words doesn’t flow

Words can express the moments.


A place of worship.  You see my friends, here

Truth is the key

Sincerity is the push

Holiness is the  ground

God given righteousness is the house

Your heart is the door

Jesus is the landlord

You don’t do much here,  you just obey much

You see when we get to that place,  nothing else matters,  you feel unimportantly important,  you feel lostlyfound, you feel Erm.. Well words doesn’t really do much here

A sense of awe of the almighty is what every believer should experience daily.

The truth is,  it will be quite obvious to you and God throughout the day how your day will look so differently awesome.

You will have joy unspeakable, peace indescribable, happiness with no bounds

A place of sincere worship

Well,  I can’t do without you Jesus, and it’s quite obviously obvious.

Ignore my choice of English,  it is glaringly glaring that I don’t care about my words this day😋😎



The Way I See Jesus

This might be short

This might not be

But I just want to tell you why Jesus seems like everything to me.

Jesus to me is my whole existence

Before I answer any title or name awarded to me by people , career, position or anything at all

I am first and most of all

A child of God

From a girl who searched for herself so long in the thing she does or accolades she gets from people, a girl whose identity was only validated deeply inside her only whenever someone mentions it or when she is praised or some times when she is spoken to softly in the middle of the night by someone she barely knows his intentions. A girl who has a wall around her called pride which she mistook for high self esteem.

Now to a girl

Who finds joy in being playful like a child.

Who finds joy in shouldering responsibilities as an adult

Who finds love in giving it back to others

Who finds her identity in Peace with God- and that is forevermore

Who finds nothing external but realised her inner beauty in the One who moulded her for a divine purpose.

She doesn’t mind if the work is done in silence

She is created to fellowship with her father and her light will bring many more into this marvelous life.

She ain’t scared of the future

She was created for such a time as this.

I will definitely remember this days and years and give glory that I went through it

My silent moments might be sometimes tiring but am satisfied that He’s always with me. This moments I know makes me for the future I see.

Jesus to me is My Life!

This your little baby is happy you found her.😘😘



Why we are called!!!


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The whole essence of grace hasn’t nullified the main purpose of God’s expectation of His children- Holiness rather it glorifies it and makes it attainable.

We are in the world doesn’t make us of the world. We should transform the world not the other way round.

Christianity is not a title to only be filled when the religion blank shows up in a sheet of paper but it is the whole essence of Jesus death and ressurection to unite us with God eternally.We are forever saved!! Hallelujah but it doesn’t stop there 🙅

St. Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.
St. Matthew 5:15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.
St. Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.


We are created as a navigation for others in the world to locate the father of all beings.

This group right here is not the – Lets see how they do it and we imitate

Excuse !!! We should create the standard and stand firm in our convictions as the children of God. Come as you are doesn’t mean stay as you are, there is a process , there is a part we play.

We don’t roll with it all cos God sure doesn’t see all as cool. Somethings for us no matter how good and pleasant they sound aren’t godly.

There is nothing more devastating as the nullification of the work of Christ on the cross by being self righteous and glorifying your works (which are nothing) and belittling the power of grace through Jesus to restore you to God.

The main point here is Jesus after saving each of us doesn’t leave us to stay in same position but he grooms us to be fit for the kingdom of God which is of righteousness and holiness. Allow Him do His work in you.We are saved to run for the salvation of others not only for ourselves.


How then can we do this when we reason the way they do?and live constantly in sin like they do?

I got this from a book by A.W Tozer and it peirced me deeply cos I have faulted this also

‘Christ calls men to carry a cross

We call them to have fun in His name

He calls them to forsake the world

We assure them that if they accept Jesus, the world is their oyster.

He calls them to suffer

We call them to enjoy all the bourgeious comforts modern civilization affords

He calls them to self abnegation and death

We call them to spread themselves like green bay trees even to become stars in a pitiful fifth rate religious zodiac

Finally he wrote

In a world like this, what should a serious minded Christian do?

First,accept the truth concerning yourself.

Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.Seek through Jesus a right relationship with God and then insist upon maintaining a right relationship to your fellow man








Hey Girlfriend


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Ello Temi,


We sure had a nice time , you know we did

Not all things are checked off the list😒but still I think you tried

Tried?  Yes a bit

I could have showered you with praises but I think you gave room for excuses than you did with courage.

At the earlier stage,  you gave in so much that I thought you would do so much 😈

How dare you  stop midway?

Amazingly you were picked up everytime you slacked by your favorite counselor  , I wonder why he cares that mush 😒

That was just your saving grace

You are human afterall!! Bloody civilian

But I Am sure about something, you were not the same way I met you- the you my friend (the fifteenth)  talked about.  This you I see now is making me have more hopes that you are ready for the opportunities and challenges the seventeenth my pal  jisted me about.

I love you  a lot but I have to leave in a couple of weeks  , you dealt with me too tho!  I had my fair share too,  wicked Sombori 😭

I have no fears that you  can take on whatever pack my pal the seventeenth unveils when he arrives. Moreover your favorite counselor is always around to give you the solutions to all our mathematics .

I actually fell in love with you😍 , but I have to leave.


The sixteenth.

Kisses of an Enemy😘


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images-14For the movie lovers that have seen the flash!!

I got so stalked with keeping up with the episodes and seasons. Who would’ve thought your best fan,  trainer,  mentor and almost your all could just be training and feeding you up just to have you as dinner. That’s incredibly unfortunate because the last time I checked we were not chickens.  Haba!

The truth is this ,so many of us has kept a lot of things and people in our space or inner Circle as I love to call it, that should be long gone. Infact,  history!

The wounds of a faithful friend will hurt you for a while, but it’s healing is so much relief, but you see,  the kisses of an enemy is comfortable and soothing at the moment but it’s wound won’t heal up anytime soon.  Infact,  the way they break a man’s backbone is what I call magical.

Hints :

When you have someone who always have something bad to say about everyone else, take to your heels.

When he or she loves to pick up other people’s story as a major discussion most times you are together,  well she is discussing your story too to the world 😜

When all you do is ever right,  never seems to correct you on anything,  I say that’s wrong company mehn😒

When he or she never encourages you on anything you want to do. Always critically pessimistic all the time.Run for your life my dear

Buh the funniest is,  even some of us fall into this category,  so we might even the enemy giving a deep kiss sef😕

Never hurt a friend with lies just to comfort them.  Even if the situation doesn’t want the bitter truth at the moment, chill for a while and tell it later,  buh never replace it with a lie. images-1

Your inner circle has a lot to do with your progress or downfall.  Be sure of who you want to let in or out




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What if tolu had said something more polite the other night? img_20160407_235303

That awesome friendship that has been on for years will never had hit the rock Like that. 

Truthfully,  especially someone like me has regrets on some conversations have had in the past , that I said something hurtful so the person also get to have a dose of my pain at the moment . I no wan carry last Fa!! 

Sometimes , we throw away something so precious just because we don’t want to feel cheated or we don’t want to feel like the weakest link.

Relationships aren’t games and we shouldn’t act like players cos there is no trophy to be won.  Every thing we search for in life (Education, wealth,  status,  dignity etc)  only becomes  treasurable when we have people to cheer us up in those moments of appointments and have them feel our sorrows and bring us up in times of disappointment.

This banter of serious hurtful words leaves a greivious mark in the heart of the people we love and cherish

Be swift to listen

Slowwwwww to speak a wise author once wrote.

Next time,  Our pals,  family members ,  church members, schoolmates, fellow workers, subjects or even superior has put on the fool garment of anger cos ( anger rests in the bosom of a fool-sounds like the popular banter tho😎) Please  walk away!!!

If that banter aren’t increasing the joy or grace of God upon the listener’s life, then its not funny and its not needed.


I Want nothing!!! you heard Me-nothing!!


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The more I felt I could do this alone

The more I failed.

The more I wanted  more for me

My flesh just was still unsatisfied .img_20160618_072954it isn’t bad to want more, is it? After all, garbage in-garbage out. I will have all I want if I could just stay focused.        But still!!!  I need the satisfaction from this flesh of mine. Wretched me😅😥


Hope it just gets better with the years. But it doesn’t .

Oh Peace!!!  Where art thou?  😰

The rich and famous seeks you

The noble calls out for you

The diligent works hard to get you in his abode

The mighty is depressed and powerless without you

The intellects  cant even find you in their study and research

The heart of the poor even yearns for you

You obviously confuse the powerful

In a place of calmness,  you reside.

In the arms of my Lord you stay all day

You give riches to the poor in their heart

You make the weak feel suddenly strong because you are nearby

In fact the foolish starts to command the wisest cos he felt you

I want nothing

I want you


Cos with you I will get to have all things😆

My peace I give not as the world gives


Come on to me ye heavy laden,  and I will give you rest- Jesus Christ

Y’all knows He sticks to his word😎🙌🙌




Bruv!! I love Me!!


My very own life I love

Who doesn’t?

My very own desire I crave

Who wouldn’t?

I can love you endlessly

I can serve you till I die

Honestly,  I mean each word


Just lemme stay as I am


Let it be,  I am comfortable here

I call you Lord!!!  than  a hundred times in seven days. I mean it but You said

Come as you are!!!

Don’t change our agreement. Stick to the plan Lord.

I just wanna be as I was and I am

Did I forget to read ?

Come with your burden,  I will take it and give you rest.

All what we hold unto dearly that debar our Christain growth are actually modernised and attractive burdens. Let it go


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    He that will follow me will have deny himself,  take up his cross daily  and follow me. Daily!!! Luke 9:23

A Christian always have to undergo change from time to time as we run towards perfection through Him.

You can’t just remain the same


On Your Kneels Woman!! Its War Room


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War room should be a movie recommended for every family plus church meetings sef.

Being a while that I saw a movie make me give such honour and respect to the role of a woman in her man’s life and her home .

Women’s patience and longsuffering paid off in such a way that every lady that watched that wonderful movie has the full courage to say her marriage will be a success with God being her refuge.

We really don’t have to nag, and trust me ladies ,it ain’t when we get married alone. What do you do when your male friends, boyfriends, fiancée act so annoying at times.Yes they can be annoying.lol

If you nag now as a single lady, forget o, u will still nag when you are married. The training starts now, start fighting in the place of prayer for ya career, present home,future home sef ,start now!!

A ladyneeds wisdom to manage her home, so all dem single ladies like me, do you manage yourself well?

Basic point, the training starts now.

I call you loved and blessed!


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Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols ft. Jamie Grace


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This song is soooo on replay…reminds me of God’s love for us. Thanks Morgan


On a Sunday evening I’m looking back over all the years and where I’ve
been. Looking at old photographs, I’m remembering You were right there and You
have been ever since. With every page that turns I see Your faithfulness.

The mountain where I climbed. The Valley where I fell. You were there all
along. That’s the story I’ll tell. You brought the pieces together. Made me this
storyteller. Now I know it is well. It is well. That’s the story I’ll tell.

There were some nights that felt like they would last forever. But You kept me
breathing. You were with me right then. And all that You have done for me, I could
never hold it in. So here’s to me telling this story over and over again.

You hold the broken. You hear my every cry. My eyes are open. I know that it is well. It
is well.

Written by Morgan Harper Nichols and David Mabury.